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 Kaixin Cooking is an in-person, hands-on cooking class. We help people eat healthier by learning to make delicious Chinese cuisine using quality whole foods.



This traditional Sichuan dish combines tingly spice and caramelized sugar with sour and savory flavors into an addicting flavor. Follow the Kaixin Cooking recipe to achieve flavor with less oil.


about Kaixin Cooking

Kaixin Cooking was founded by Shanghainese-American Chef Shiyin Wang. Our goal is to teach tasty dishes for healthier everyday eating. We want to show that Chinese food is nutritious and amazing when made with the best ingredients.


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We’re a new business, and we’re just getting started! Our number one goal is creating a community of eaters who want to learn more about cooking and food. Get in touch with Shiyin to chat, share recipes, and trade food tips, and more!


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