Delicious and healthy food can bring us together, make us happy, and create community. That is the tradition of Chinese food made at home.


A Happier Approach to Healthy Cooking

We crave dishes that help us appreciate the natural flavor of vegetables and whole food, while leaving room for moderate indulgence. Food is made that way by families all over China, and we want to share those balanced, fresh, local dishes with everyone. Kaixin (开心) means happy in Chinese. We believe healthy food needs to be food we feel happy to eat every day.


What Kaixin Cooking Brings to the Table


 Hands-on experience

The best way to learn to cook is in person. We use our sense to tell when food is done right – by looking but also by smelling aromas, touching textures, and listening to crackles and sizzles.


A new food philosophy

Let’s celebrate the eating part of healthy eating. Healthy food should nourish us, give us energy, and make us happy. Let’s ditch the anxiety toward eating that can come from dieting and weight loss.


Cooking techniques

Cooking is more than just recipes. In class, we focus on why and how to use cooking methods, so that we leave with a set of lifelong healthy techniques to apply to many different dishes.


 Meet the Chef: Shiyin Wang

I am a Shanghainese-born American. In summer of 2018, I moved to Shanghai after 27 years in the US. During that sweltering and dizzying summer, I found healthy eating to be a challenge. Local restaurant food was greasy and processed, but “health food” only catered to a narrow palate. I craved the balanced dishes that Chinese families cook, and I wanted to update those with modern health principles and techniques I had learned from cooking in California and New York. I created Kaixin Cooking to help myself and others develop that way of eating.


Our Values 


Health & Wellness

Health is about being strong, energetic, and nourished – not just looking good or being thin. Food should make us feel good rather than being a source of anxiety.



Chinese food deserves to be made with the best quality, fresh, and local ingredients. When it’s made cheaply, it can’t show off its flavor and health.



Many of us enjoy indulgences like meat, sweets, salt, and fat. We believe it’s fine to eat these in moderation, while learning to genuinely enjoy mostly plant-based whole foods.



The best part of eating is the stories and experiences we share over a common table. The best part of cooking is the chance to express our creativity and skill with others.



We need to happy with our food in order to maintain healthy eating habits, and that means we embrace healthy foods that taste good and can be eaten every day.



Many modern eating habits are not environmentally sustainable, but not everyone can switch right away. We support a transition to less meat and more local produce.


Thanks and Partners

We wouldn’t be here without our amazing partners and supporters. Here are some of the people who’ve helped along the way!

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 Let’s Cook Together

Are you in the Shanghai area? Then you’ve found your new healthy community! Check out our classes and find a time to join.